Mission Statement

Bike Minded is an interactive bike shop that’s lifting the curtains on the traditional bike shop secrets. Our space is designed for you to have a front row seat to watch your bike being worked on in real time — while engaging with your mechanic and other “bike minded” people. 

Our number one mission – to keep the passion alive for all things biking! Whether you are a brand-new biker or a seasoned rider, we offer hands-on classes to educate you on bike repair and maintenance. We want to empower all riders to feel confident with their equipment, and to create a space where we can learn and develop our skills together.

About Eric

As a bike mechanic with more than 26 years of experience, opening his own shop has been a lifelong dream of Eric’s. He loves to share his skills with the community. We believe in repairing instead of replacing for an eco outlook to help preserve the beauty you are riding through.